Who we are

Archipelago Technology is the trading name of Archipelago Technology Group Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales (established 2012).

Registered office:  St John’s Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0WS, UK. Co. no.: 8201580.


Mark Collins is Chairman of Archipelago. Mark is a highly experienced company director and entrepreneur. He has a technical background in digital electronics, semiconductors, and communications. Formerly, Mark was Commercial Director of TTP Communications, of which he was a founding member.  At TTPCom Mark was responsible for selling, negotiating and closing many of the company’s major business ventures.


Jas Sanghera is a non-executive director of Archipelago.  Jas has a technical background in Electrical and Control Engineering and was a founder of TTPGroup and CEO of TTPLabtech.  He is highly experienced in creating, shaping, and growing technology businesses.



150521 GuyGuy Newcombe is CEO at Archipelago Technology. Guy has worked in inkjet for over 30 years.  In this time he has created technology in piezo, electrostatic and continuous inkjet.  Before starting Archipelago he ran TTP’s printing technology group.  At Archipelago he is building new technology platforms that combine microfluidics, pneumatics and electrochemistry.


Victor Humberstone is a physicist and has led the development of a range of digital printing, aerosol and micro-device based products, often based on his own inventions.  Applications include industrial printing, consumer goods, drug delivery and other medical devices. Prior to Archipelago, Victor headed up the Scientific Products division at TTP.


141220 Dan MaceDan Mace is head of inkjet technology at Archipelago.  Dan has a strong track record in developing inkjet technology from concept to product.  His focus is on delivering technical programmes to our customers.  Before joining Archipelago Dan played a leading role in the technology development of Tonejet.


Charlie Stokes is an Applications Engineer at Archipelago. After studying materials engineering and nanotechnology at Queen Mary, University of London and Cambridge University, Charlie was brought into Archipelago to help develop the Powerdrop technology. Today Charlie works with clients customising Powerdrop for their applications.


Ben Brebner graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2016 after having completed a master’s in Manufacturing Engineering. At Archipelago, Ben focuses on mechanical design, technology development and experimental work.



Sue Boys is company co-ordinator at Archipelago. Sue helps both to organise the company’s internal affairs and to provide a professional service to our clients and other stakeholders. In doing so, she draws on organisational skills developed whilst working at board level for various PLCs.


Rubén Lambert-Garcia was brought into Archipelago as a Consultant Technologist after completing his Mechanical Engineering degree at Queen Mary University of London focussed on motorsport engineering and fluid mechanics. He works on developing the Powerdrop technology, prototyping concepts, and conducting experimental testing of new applications.


Clare Conboy has more than 20 years experience of developing and characterising formulations for printing, coating and materials deposition technologies, mainly focusing on inkjet and paste inks. 

Clare also analyses IP and regularly reviews patents for a periodical.



Alan Crooks‘s work for Archipelago focuses on developing engineering principles. Alan is a mechanical engineer with extensive experience of developing effective automation and instrumentation systems in the pharmaceutical and food industries. He has also worked with TAP Biosystems and Scienta Innovation. A core ability is to rapidly translate customer requirements into effective engineering solutions.


141220 Jane ListJane List provides services, as an associate, toArchipelago focused on commercial and intellectual property (IP) aspects of technology development.  Jane assists Archipelago by researching potential markets for its IP and contributing to invention, patent and trademark matters. Jane has qualifications in intellectual property law, information science and chemistry and is  Co-Editor-in-Chief of World Patent Information.


141220 John StantonJohn Stanton works as a consultant for Archipelago, focussing on identifying and pursuing business opportunities for Archipelago’s innovations. John hold a physics PhD from Cambridge University.  Prior to joining Archipelago, he worked for a range of technology companies, most recently in business development for The Technology Partnership.  


spb_0242Gordon Chapman provides services to Archipelago focused on mechanical concept proofing and system design. He has 30 years experience in mechanical engineering, especially in manufacturing, production and assembly within lean manufacturing environments. His specialisms include printing technology development.



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