Archipelago to exhibit and present at InPrint in Milan

The company will be exhibiting at the InPrint 2016 Industrial Print Show.

The show will be held in Milan, 15-17 November. Details of the event are available from InPrint’s website (

Our CEO, Guy Newcombe, will be presenting on the first afternoon. The title of his presentation is ‘Make your inkjet system work harder for you — three easy wins’.

[News item published 9 November 2016]

Ejecting high-performance materials:

further details on Archipelago’s presentation at The Inkjet Conference

The abstract for Guy Newcombe’s presentation, announced below, runs as follows:

Inkjet is moving into large-scale, industrial, applications. This is leading to greater demands on the appearance, function, and performance of the printed surface – which requires the use of engineered materials such as glazes, high-performance adhesives, and tough paints.

To meet this demand we have developed Powerdrop. Powerdrop is designed to eject a wide range of high performance materials, including ceramic glaze, hot melt adhesive and industrial paints.

The Powerdrop print engine is highly scalable in terms of width and linear speed and will enable inkjet to excel in these important markets.

[News item published 20 July 2016.]


Guy Newcombe to present Powerdrop to the 3rd Annual Inkjet ctheijc-banner-square[1].jpgonference

Our CEO, Guy Newcombe, will be giving a presentation on the ejection of high-performance materials, using our new print engine, Powerdrop.

Details of Guy’s presentation will follow on this page.

[News item published 15 July 2016.]


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